Thursday, September 16, 2010

Crash in style


I've just started by freshly built KDEPIM trunk on the desktop, and I got a crash in one of the Nepomuk service stubs... but that's not the reason for my amazement :)

No, the reason is that instead of the way-too-common and ugly Windows crash dialog, I got this nice KDE Crash Handler that surely looks familiar to the Linux users :

Even nicer, the "Developer Information" tab gives a complete stack trace at the time of the crash, giving us precious information to track it down :

This will not only help us during testing, but it will also make it easier for the casual users to report issues and provide the necessary information to fix those unfortunate mishaps.

That's a nice little feature, and it was implemented by Ilie Halip, as part of a GSOC project. Nice work Ilie !


  1. ****Not only on windows.*****

    I think the barrier (it's a barrier for me) for casual users report a bug are the need for a bugzilla acount.

  2. That's really nice and priceless !
    But we're still waiting for the HUGE announcement you were promising the last time you blogged ;)
    By the way, I'm one of those thinking KDE on Windows is a great project, keep the good work !

  3. I LOVE DrKonqui! I'm glad to see it work on Windows too, it lowers the barrier of crash bug reporting *A LOT*.

  4. Congratulations to getting this running on Windows as well. The KDE Windows team rocks!