Saturday, June 5, 2010

KDE on Windows meeting in Osnabrück

Sunny greetings from your beloved KDE-on-Windows team in Osnabrück, where Intevation GmbH kindly offered to host the event for the weekend !

So here we are with Patrick (x2), Ralf, Andre, Andreas, Ilie, Bernhard and myself. Lots of interesting discussions about packaging, dbus, builds, as well as past, present, and near-future platforms (including win64 and... Windows Mobile !).

We also talked about how to improve our communication with the users and our fellow KDE hackers, and how to handle our small community.

Unfortunately I couldn't stay more than today, but I had a great time nevertheless and it was nice to meet those familiar irc nicks in person at last :)

The KDE-Windows family :
(top) Patrick Von Reth, Patrick Spendrin, Ralf Habacker, Ilie Halip, Romain Pokrzywka, Andre Heineke
(bottom) Bernhard Reiter, Andreas Holzammer