Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Facelift for

The KDE-on-Windows website has gotten a facelift !
It now has the same style as the other KDE websites, and a lot of content has been updated in the process, to reflect the latest status of the project and its team.

Thanks to the webmasters and to Ralf Habacker for the updates.

It's a good opportunity to go and download the latest kdewin installer :)

ps: stay tuned for some news from the KDE-Windows team, with a HUGE announcement coming in the following days... ;)


  1. " with a HUGE announcement coming in the following days..."

    *Please* be single app installers...
    *Please* be single app installers...
    *Please* be single app installers...

    Actually *anything* that helps us give Windows users an easier way to get a recent Krita on their machines would rock _hard_... like having single app installers! ;P

    Thanks KDE-Win peeps! You're doing some of the most important work in FOSS in my opinion. <3

    Now I'm wriggling around in my chair with anticipation! Couldn't you just tell us the announcement now?... Please? *sigh*

  2. RE: The site:

    Shiny! Can we have a screenshot on the homepage (preferably Win 7)?

    There's also two bugs in the sentence:
    "See the Download section on the sidebar for more informations."

    1. There doesn't seem to be a sidebar on that page... :/
    2. The correct grammar is "for more information." (no "s")

  3. Nice new website!

    And curiously looking forward to the announcement... what might it be? :)

  4. KDE on windows rules... nice new website now.
    Maybe they will replace the default windows shell with plasma :) (is there not a grayed out option in the systemsettings program? ;))

  5. @Kubuntiac : thanks for the remark about the sentence, I've forwarded it to the webmasters. I've also asked around for some screenshots of the various key apps.

    Unfortunately the announcement isn't about the single app installers :-( However we're making some progress there too, and we're starting to see some projects providing their own installers own Windows, like KDEPIM and Amarok. I've also seen some commits from Ralf related to that, so who knows... maybe for christmas ;)