Friday, March 25, 2011

It's that time of the year!

Finally ! After a long year of waiting, it's time again for Camp KDE, and this time we're going to rock San Francisco !

I can't wait to meet with our KDE developers and enthusiasts on the other side of the Atlantic. Like last year, I have the honor of giving a talk around KDE on Windows. However, this time I won't be talking about desktop Windows, but  mobile Windows...

In fact, I will be presenting the Kontact Touch project: KDE's professional Personal Information Management client targeting touch-enabled form factors, including smartphones and tablets. Topics will include porting the whole KDEPIM stack to mobile platforms including Maemo and Windows Mobile, as well as rewriting the whole UI using the bleeding edge Qt Quick framework, and it will of course include demos, which will be on multiple devices, including an HTC TouchPro2 running Windows Mobile, a Nokia N900 running Maemo, and an IBM tablet running Meego.

Update: a few teasers below...

So if you're around the Bay Area on Monday April 4th and you want to see how cool the KDE technologies can be on the mobile side, don't miss Camp KDE !


  1. Hi I have 1 question, Is an android port planned? both of kdelibs and kontact mobile

  2. Well, we don't have concrete (read funded) plans for an Android port at the moment, but I can definitely see it happening one way or another, and sooner than later.

    First, there's the announcement of Necessitas, the port of Qt on Android, which has generated massive interest even in its early alpha stage. This is likely going to attract a lot of contributions in the near future, and I wouldn't be surprised to see some KDE hackers working on porting the KDE stack as a logical next step.

    Then there's the potential of Kontact Touch, which in my opinion is far ahead of any other mail client on Android (well maybe except gmail, but it can't be used as a generic POP/IMAP client, and it doesn't offer secure communication features like Kontact does with PGP and S/MIME). Also, we've done a lot in terms of mobile adaptation by already targeting 3 different mobile OSes, so porting to another linux flavor shouldn't much harder anymore. But as always, the devil is in the details, and in this case that means how good we can integrate it in Android, for notifications, UI elements, composing, etc. So this will likely still be a challenge.

    All in all I'm quite sure there will be an attempt at some point, and I personally have a huge interest in it so I will be trying to contribute the effort as much as I can. But right now I think we still need to wait a bit for the Qt port to stabilize first. Maybe by this summer at the Desktop Summit we will have a clearer picture...

  3. Thanks, and keep up the good work!
    It's a pity that meego isn't going anywhere in mobile world I was waiting for the first meego devices that didn't cost a fortune just beause of kde and an open OS.