Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Oh boy, it's a boy!

The title says it all... I haven't made any "official" announcement on this blog yet, so here it is: we're having a baby! My sweet wife Sahar is 5 months pregnant, and during today's ultrasound we could now clearly see a little "knack" between the baby's legs :)

So it seems that the Pokrzywka line will keep going for a little longer :)
I love the position of the baby in that picture: the curve on the left is the baby's head, seen from the top, next to the "B" is the left arm, and on the top right is the butt and legs (which would be "coming out" of the picture).
We also got a couple of pics from showing a leg and an arm, but they're kinda hard to see:

We have another ultrasound on thursday, this time with more advanced machine and display, so check back for more picture of the little boy! :)

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